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Mexico City Class A Office Report (March 2016)2016-05-16T05:00:00Zpdf598134Secure A Office Market RESUME (march 2016).pdf/mexico/en-us/research/71/mexico-city-class-a-office-report-march-2016Mexico City Class A Office Report (March 2016)

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Mexico Hotel Destinations - 2018/mexico/en-us/research/73/mexico-hotel-destinations-2018-jllMexico Hotel Destinations - 2018Following the 2016 U.S. election, there was a growing concern over Mexico's ability to achieve meaningful economic growth given President Trump's protectionist rhetoric with regard to U.S.-Mexico trade policy.
Hotel Destinations - Mexico 2017/mexico/en-us/research/72/mexico-hotel-destinations-2017-jllHotel Destinations - Mexico 2017​Mexico represents the second largest economy in Latin America, benefitting from a strategic location adjacent to the United States, its largest trading partner.
Mexico City Class A Office Report (March 2016)/mexico/en-us/research/71/mexico-city-class-a-office-report-march-2016Mexico City Class A Office Report (March 2016)
Northern Mexico Office Report 4Q 2015/mexico/en-us/research/69/northern-mexico-office-report-4q-2015Northern Mexico Office Report 4Q 2015



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Jorge Velasco

Market Analyst