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Facility support services that allow you to thrive.

​We consider—and manage—every aspect of your facilities to create a safe, compliant environment that increases productivity. Technical or administrative support, interactive or analytical services—we have you covered.

Develop the right facility management strategy for your goals and needs both over the short and long term. And with data and analytics at the core of everything we do, you’ll know where you stand today and where you can optimize and adjust for the future. See our services in action in our 360 degree interactive environment.

What we offer

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Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

We’re committed to fostering a culture of safety in your facilities. We’ve also invested in cutting-edge safety tools and technologies, like our Accident and Incident Management System (AIMS). Through AIMS, we’re able to record and track HSSE incidents, follow-up on corrective actions, and benchmark HSSE performance.


Our dedicated operational compliance team brings together a robust governance model, strategic tools and processes, and compliance subject matter expertise. We ensure facility management services are performed at the highest quality and meet the requirements of key compliance dimensions:

Ethical | Statutory & regulatory | Contractual | Operational & financial

Benchmarking solutions

We offer a powerful tool to measure and improve the financial and operational performance of your facilities. It provides you with business intelligence you can act on to drive improved performance and have better conversations about service levels and their financial impact.

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Smart building solutions

Connected buildings are the expectation today, but you need a plan for your facilities that makes sense. From comprehensive strategy and planning to implementation to ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we bring our unique expertise in both smart buildings and corporate real estate to our facility management services.

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Supply chain management & procurement (SCMP)

We ensure all our supplier partners are compliant, ethical and good partners. Our robust platform delivers the competitive, volume-leveraged pricing that you need to achieve your financial performance goals.

Client finance services

From invoices and payment processing to forecasting and financial modeling, we ensure your corporate real estate team is financially sound. Our teams use the latest technology to drive efficiency and compliance.

Call center services

We deliver a globally consistent, best-in-class call center experience with 24x7 support. With centralized reporting and governance and digitized processes, we ensure quality and deliver positive experiences.

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