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Who we are

LaSalle Partners, S. de R. L. de C. V., LaSalle Partners Services, S. de R. L. de C. V.  and JLL Engineering Services, S. de R.L. de C.V. ("JLL") with theirs addresses located at  111 Monte Pelvoux, 5th Floor, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, ZIP 11000, Miguel Hidalgo , Mexico City, web site, and with email address for purposes of the provisions stated in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private User and its regulation thereof, and that jointly with its subsidiaries and affiliates, it is a global vendor leader in Real Estate and Investment administration services.

Our commitment to privacy

We take very seriously our responsibility in protecting the personal information we receive. In this notice, we detail how we do it and what is what we do with the personal information that we store and how we protect it as well.

Changes in the Privacy Notice:

JLL may periodically update this Privacy Notice, therefore, when the same is actualized, the mentioned updating may be published in this internet website and wherever the company may consider it to be necessary. As well, this website may be periodically reviewed to be noticed from any change that may be executed.

The personal information we obtain:

When we request personal information, we are open at any moment to inform the way such information is going to be utilized. Regarding the aforementioned, in order to perform the finalities and objectives subject matter of the present privacy notice, we utilize diverse kinds of personal data, which may include among others: name, civil status, occupation, Tax Identification Number (RFC), Code of Population Registry (CURP), date and place of birth, nationality, official ID, address(es) and contact data (e-mail address and telephone numbers), property(ies) titles´ information and labor as well.

We generally do not request sensible personal data. In case of doing it so, we commit ourselves to request your prior consent in terms of the applicable law.

We collect information through the following means:

·         Throughout our website or our affiliates´ website(s), for example: names, addresses or email details.

·         Meetings with personnel or business contacts, for example: presentation cards exchanges, information collected in conferences or business events.

·         Information provided regarding the services we offer, for example: relationship with a leasing or a leasing agreement.

·         Information provided and that may be subsequently utilized to validate your identity, for example: a passport or a document that proves residence.

How we utilice the personal information we obtain

  • We utilize your personal information in compliance with all the applicable laws regarding the subject-matter being treated, so as the same may be utilized in one or more of the following means:
  • We may utilize the clients and/or potential clients´ personal information to render the services we offer.
  • We may utilize the contact information that may be proportionated to us to respond the requests made.
  • We may utilize the employees and/or potential employees´ information for their contracting and/or to comply with the legal obligations derived from such contracting and/or processes.
  • We may utilize the vendors and/or potential vendors´ information to appraise their offers, as well as their possible hiring of their services.
  • We may utilize documents to verify the identity, so as to cover the regulations and legal requirements to verify your identity and condition as well, and in order to eventually render JLL´s services and products.
  • We may utilize financial and personal information to appraise your eligibility for JLL´s products and services.
  •  In the assumptions where you gave your consent, we utilize the personal information so as to provide you information regarding the commercialization and publicity about the services that may be of JLL´s interests.
  • The personal information is utilized to make your online experience as rich as possible, for example: stablishing cookies and personalizing what you see through our website. Visit for more information.
  • The personal information may be utilized to preserve the security of our facilities and of those third-parties we contract with, for example: through the use of security cameras of closed circuits with whom we share information with.

We can share personal information with:

·         People inside of JLL that may require information for the performance of their duties.

·         Organizations and/or people who support products or services rendered by JLL.

·         JLL´s vendors, JLL´s clients, when necessary, in accordance with the obligations contracted by JLL.

·         Anyone the owner of the information gives us chance to.

·         Governmental entities in compliance with the applicable regulation and with the politics that JLL is bind to comply with, be them JLL´s or third-parties´ politics, equally applicable to JLL.

We, under any circumstance, may sell the personal information, therefore, we take the necessary measures to maintain your information secure in accordance with the applicable laws.

Purpose of the personal data use.

The personal data we request from you will be utilized for the rendering of the services that JLL offers and/or contracts with, as well as for the potential contracting of employees. Additionally, we utilize your personal information for the secondary marketing and publicity purposes, as well as commercial prospection, that are not necessary for the service requested, but allows and facilitate us to provide a better attention. In case you do not wish that your personal data is utilized for the secondary purposes, please send an email to indicating for which secondary purpose you do not wish your personal data be used to, as well as your identity and necessary information to locate your personal data in our internal files. Likewise, it is important to mention that the negative for the purposes above-mentioned, may not be a reason for us to deny the services and products requested or contracted with us.

Your personal data is shared in and outside the country with companies related with JLL, as well as with vendors for a service rendered to JLL and, according to the case, with clients (when we are obliged to proportionate information of who does renders the services). As well we transfer your personal data, in case of being applicable, to diverse governmental authorities, accordingly. In relation with the transfers that may require your consent, in case of existing, if you wish to not give your consent for the transfers of your personal data that JLL may execute, please notify it by email at JLL may execute transfers of personal data to companies related to JLL, vendors of services provided by JLL and/or potential commercial contacts for the case of commercial mediation (in accordance with the business relationship that we have with you). All the transfers have the purpose to comply with the rendering of services that you contracted with JLL and/or to comply with diverse regulatory obligations contained in the legal applicable dispositions.

The personal data we request from you may be utilized for the following finalities that are necessary to develop a work relationship with you, be it actual or potential:

·         Follow-up the contracting steps of candidates and/or potential candidates.

·         Perform the payroll payments, fees payments, services payments, expenses or other obligations.

·         Comply with JLL´s obligations, be them contractually acquired or in accordance with the applicable regulation.

·         Marketing or publicity.

·         Commercial prospection.

·         Offer and/or render services to JLL´s clients and comply with JLL´s obligations to their clients, vendors and third-parties.

The purposes for which we share such data are:

·         Render the services that JLL offers.

·         Comply with the obligations derived from the legal relationship with the owner.

·         Comply with the obligations in charge of JLL before third-parties or with the owners of such data.

The personal data we request from you may be utilized for the requesting of the services that JLL may need. Additionally, we utilize your personal information for the secondary marketing and publicity purposes, as well as for commercial prospections, that are not necessary for the services requested, but that allows us and facilitates us to provide a better attention.

Our legal basis for processing your information

We are based in different legal basis to process the personal and special categories´ information, specially in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and its regulation, these include the personal information process where is our legitimate interest for doing it so, where is necessary to comply with a contract or where the information process is necessary to comply with our obligations in accordance with the labor legislation and so as, where we trust in our legitimate interests, this means that we use personal information to improve our business and to proportionate the services that we were asked to execute. We only request information that has been voluntarily provided, therefore, you do not have to proportionate personal information. Notwithstanding, it is important to mention that in the assumption that the information required by us or by the applicable law it is not provided, a possibility of being unable to offer certain services and/or products may exist.

Contact interruption.

If you have proportionated your consent to give you information regarding commercialization or publicity, you may change your consent and cancel it at any moment visiting [] or well, sending an email to

Where we store and process your information.

We can transfer and store the information we request from you outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and it may be processed by our personnel or by our vendors outside of the EEA. When we do this, our purpose is to keep the information secure and duly protected.

Keeping your information safe.

We commit to keep a duly security deployment to protect the personal information wherever is located, be it electronic or manual. To reach this, we may use a variety of mechanisms depending where the information is stored and the kind of relationship between JLL and any organization.

Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition (ARCO rights).

The mentioned ARCO rights are a group of prerogatives that the owner of the requested information by us has in order to execute specific actions in relation with the treatment of your personal information, same that are performed in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and its regulation.

Access right: 

You have the right to know which personal data we have from you, the reason we use it for and the using conditions we give to it. To do it so, please communicate with us to the following email address:, such request has no cost and can, as well, request the information previously provided to us in a format to be read by a machine in order to send it to another organization, if that is your wish.

Rectification right

Is your right to request the correction of your personal information in case is not updated, it is not precise or is incomplete, therefore, if you consider that it may be found in any of the assumptions aforementioned, please communicate with us to the following email address, indicating to which personal data you refer to, as well as the correction that you wish to be made, reason why, JLL may proceed to its review and in its case, the correction in case of being necessary. We are committed to keep your information precise and updated.

Right of Cancellation

Is your right to request to JLL that we eliminate our registries or data base when you consider that the personal information we have is not being duly actualized, reason why, such cancellation may imply the ceasing of the treatment of the personal information and blocking it for its eventual suppression. You have the right of requesting, at any time, the cancellation of your personal data, therefore, we would appreciate that such request is made in the following email address

Opposition right

You have the right to oppose yourself to the use of your personal data for specific purposes, therefore, if by any reason you do not wish that we keep or use your personal information, please contact us through the email address

Notwithstanding, it is possible that we may need to keep certain data regarding your information for legal and business purposes, for example: to comply with a regulation requirement.

Procedure for exercising ARCO rights:

The request subject-matter must contain at least: (i) owner´s name and contact data and/or his/her legal representative to give response to your request, including as a minimum, email address, address and telephone number to communicate you the response of your request. The owner shall certify his/her identity and in its case, his/her representative as well, (case were the personality must be showed upon) be it through the presentation of an identification in original or in copy of the last identification that remains in force with a picture of the owner and with personal data (or his/her representative, in which case shall present as well a power letter granted before two witness) issued by the federal authority; (ii) the documents that certify the identity or in its case, the legal representation on behalf of the owner; (iii) the clear and precise description of the personal data regarding the ARCO rights to be executed and that were mentioned before and, (iv) any other element or document that may facilitate the location of your personal data.

The response term of your request will be in a period of twenty days counted since the date where the request was received, and we will respond such request and will give you the answer through the email address that you may proportionate us for such purposes. The means through where the personal data is reproduced and, in its case, the request that may be by physical, digital (through email address for example) and/or by telephone means. In case of requiring further information regarding the procedure described, please send an email to

Complaint procedure.

If you need to submit a complain regarding the management of your personal information, please communicate with us to the email address If you disagree with the way we treat your complain, you can communicate as well with the competent Authority for Protecting Personal Data in possession of individuals, as it may result applicable.

The period of time we keep your information.

We make our best to keep your information for as long as we need it for legal or business purposes. Successively, the same will be securely eliminated. If you wish that we eliminate your information, please contact us through the following email address

Limitation for use and disclosure of your personal data.

If you wish to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, you can do it sending an email to, expressly specifying the limitations of use and/or disclosure you want to execute.

The use of tracking techonologies in our website.

In our website we utilize cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which is possible to monitor your behavior as an internet user, as well as to provide a better service and experience while navigating through our website. The personal data we request through these technologies will be utilized for statistical, marketing purposes regarding services rendered by JLL.

The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies are the following:

·         Identification, user name and passwords from a login session.

·         User´s preferred language.

·         Region where the user is located.

·         User´s browser.

·         Type of operative system.

·         Date, start and final time from a user´s login session, as well as the websites visited by a user.

As well, we inform that your personal information will be shared with companies related to JLL for purposes of marketing, usage statics and clients and/or potential client´s preferences.

Changes in this privacy notice.

The present privacy notice may suffer modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements, from our own necessities for the products or services we offer, from our privacy practices, changes in our business model or by other causes in accordance with the applicable legislation and its regulation. We commit to keep you informed about the changes that this privacy notice may suffer, through the publication of the modifications through our website.

To know from changes and updates from the present privacy notice login to our website

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