Empowerment Network

Disability Empowerment Network (DEN) es el Business Resource Group (BRG) de JLL que se enfoca en generar y asegurar las oportunidades, la equidad y la inclusión laboral para las personas con discapacidad.

Our Commitment

JLL is currently a partner of different organizations that seek to encourage labor inclusion in Mexico.
Our main alliances are with Éntrale and Inclúyeme.


Participation in Éntrale's annual IILPCD (by its Spanish acronym: index of labor inclusion of people with disabilities).

Implementation of the first demographic survey of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Mexico with the support of Incluyeme.com.

Implementation of the employability process for hiring external talent through job banks accessible to people with disabilities.

Implementation of the first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Week in Mexico and GLA.

Community moments

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