Client story

Arcos Dorados remodel their restaurants

Arcos Dorados operates or franchises out over 2,200 McDonald's restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean. JLL was chosen partner to provide multi-services throughout the region for the famous fast food chain.


500 restaurants got audited

Square Metres

550 assets totalling 234,000 sqm


10 projects supervision in Argentina

We completed 200 audits within three months.

Gonzalo Zournadjian, Asset Management Director, Arcos Dorados

In 2017, JLL provided their services to Arcos Dorados for the first time. The services included Quality Audit of construction projects for openings and renovations of new restaurants in the region. In 2018 continued with valuation services of their real estate portfolio across Latin America as well as the supervision of the restaurants around Argentina.

Project Quality Audits included different types of restaurants as well as the image implementation. We created a special tool to evaluate every item in respect of commitment and quality. The project delivery included individual reports for each restaurant that was audited. In addition, we delivered the final report with the analysis of various countries as well as the whole region, distinguishing the quality, fidelity and different types of implementation.