Enabling everyone to work from home

In the Philippines, JLL delivers 2,500 computers to the homes of a client’s employees

May 13, 2020

Working from home for many people around the world has become the norm in recent months. But for some companies, the transition was easier said than done. Not all employees have what they need at home to log in.

Earl Santos, National Account Manager at JLL Philippines, has been helping a large professional services company in the country enable its people to set up workspaces in their homes.

Part of this has involved delivering 2,500 computers in the last six weeks. Sustaining that pace has required JLL employees to pitch in and help. For some, it was a vastly different task to what they usually do.

“The process has involved everyone from JLL technicians, to housekeeping and the on-site team,” Earl says. “They’ve all been working hand-in-hand, and it’s really paid off.”

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